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Don t keep credit monetary system is also called cash is not standard and not cash notes circulation system.
Liquidity: refe to the financial assets can promptly traformed into real purchasing power, and the ability to make the holder does not suffer.
But whether repurchase or buy short-term debt, target is added liquidity gap itself, not too much.
Of coue, in terms of the current block chain technology, system throughput, capacity, there is a great short of maturity.
After the reform and opening, export-oriented, encourage foreign exchange earning, for national unification purchase of foreign exchange into RMB and foreign exchange reserves as the anchoring of the issuance of RMB, 3 trillion dolla is nearly 20 trillion yuan.
The print if you count loot around the world, so the RMB become international currency in the future, printing money also loot around the world?Sun Yuchen after 2019, buffett s lunch is 90 to 31.
52 million yuan price, taken while ultimately did not keep the appointment, but the money of 9 billion also became an object of envy to all his people.
Fiscal deficit, an increase of 1 trillion yuan special Treasury bonds issued agait disease is 1 trillion yuan, increase the support of local government.
Fourth, the change in the reserve requirement ratio.
Thirdly, the monetary policy can be better.
We know that the COI, such as the etheric fang decentralized digital currency, TPS can handle per second (volume) is lower, it is difficult to meet the needs of daily trading, so the central bank is chain block encryption technologies used in digital currency system, but in a way that is relatively centralized operation.
Fiscal policy and monetary policy is the government for regulating macro economic mea, both in terms of control objects, the executive branch is different.
Before we can Internet companies, the traditional manufacturing industry, but not later.
We have entered the cashless era.
Pictured above is the silver market as of Friday s close, the spot is $12.
61 an ounce of silver, and the current domestic Banks price is 2.
88 yuan per gram, the silver is very cheap now.
The history of the yuan, is a history of new China the rise of blood.
So the existing international monetary system has been nicknamed the The right that a beiyang building, like real silver coin, cost slightly tall, can keep playing.
No one can get in addition to the use themselves.

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