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Russia s credit card acceptance of big cities is very high, can do a multi-currency card, multi-purpose card to use less cash.
Because wealth is not only composed of currency, and other elements, such as material resources, land, real estate, precious metals, such as patent!5.
The current policy is to encourage block chain technology development.
That is to say, if before you can only change in cattle sheep and other livestock, cattle can now change rice change daughter-in-law =.
Fit you have to know what money is, what is a paper, what is a digital currency.
Currently in the volume of the world s fifth-biggest currency: the dollar, euro, yen and pound, accounted for 6% of the total volume.
But in fact, most of the virtual currency will be the price of artificial control, up or down.
The result was the stock plunged 80%, bank failures 1/3 more than 10000, more terrible is to make the economy in the next ten yea, and no restoration.
Domestic inflation when the RMB to foreign currency may ascend may fall;Would you be in paid treasure to buy monetary fund?Liquidity average occupancy and production output and the ratio between the sales revenue.
This is one of the most important knowledge in economics, supply and demand.
But just need to continue to maintain, two days before the urban and rural cotruction, there are signals.
Continue to promote urbanization.
In 1848 the Swiss federal cotitutional government money, before that, Switzerland all kinds of domestic and foreign COI in circulation, each state has issued their own currencies and have their own monetary system.
This generally belong to monetary funds and bond funds alone or combination pattern, income is stable, than single money funds have better retur.
Obviously can be, and now more than 210 trillion yuan in the money supply in China, mainly is to the credit of the foreign exchange reserves.
Just put your phone number, id number, qq number email report iot service center, after such as open network can be a member of the Internet of things is now in scheduling, such as open network reward after 3000 points.
Believe me, Argentina didn t be saved.

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